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AxiumShop™ Electric Drill Pump

AxiumShop™ Electric Drill Pump

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The Electric Drill Pump is a powerful and efficient tool perfect for tackling various projects. With a high-speed and low-voltage motor, it offers a maximum suction of up to 8 liters per minute and the ability to empty a 55 gallon drum in just over 2 minutes. Its efficient design makes it energy efficient and prevents it from heating up during extended use.

Benefits: This powerful Electric Drill Pump features a fast flow rate and can be used for a variety of drains, quick removing up to 300l of water per hour. Its adjustable suction gives you unparalleled control for removing water both fast and efficiently.

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Feeling the heat? Want to stay cool wherever you go?

Introducing our portable neck fan: the ultimate solution for on-the-go cooling! Ready to keep you refreshed and comfortable no matter the location. Are you ready to experience a breeze like never before?

FlexFan™ Portable Neck Fan - AxiumShop

Stay Fashionable and Cool On-the-Go!

Stay stylish with the FlexFan™ Neck Fan! Its sleek design complements your attire while keeping you cool. Enjoy the hands-free convenience and fashionable comfort.

FlexFan™ Portable Neck Fan - AxiumShop

Experience Comfort and Safety with the Innovative Hands-Free Design

Experience ultimate comfort with the innovative hands-free design of the FlexFan™. The flexible neckband provides a secure fit, allowing you to enjoy a constant breeze while keeping your hands free for other tasks.

Enjoy Whisper-Quiet Operation and Maximum Cooling

Enjoy maximum cooling with the FlexFan™ Neck Fan. Its 42 air outlets deliver a refreshing airflow, while the low noise design ensures a quiet and peaceful environment. Stay cool without distractions.